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The Smallest House
The Smallest House in Great Britain
The Smallest House in Great Britain

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The Smallest House

The smallest house was formed as an infill property between the cottages to either side. Its back wall is part of a tower in the town walls. A number of pictures show the old properties to the left of the house but those to the left were demolished many years ago leaving the smallest house as the end of the terrace.


In 1900 the property along, with those to the left, was declared unfit for habitation and the last tenant, a fisherman called Robert Jones, had to leave. By coincidence the owner was also called Robert Jones and he lived further up the quay in Custom House Terrace. After some persuassion by the editor of the local paper the owner toured the UK in order to be able to declare the house The Smallest House in Great Britain, a  status that was later confirmed by the Guinness Book of Records.


The house is still within the family having passed to female relatives since Robert's sons showed a lack of interest in the business.

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